Bryan Gerard Duffy's work investigates notions of psychological and physical displacement.  He is a multi-disciplinary artist as well as a collector, juxtaposing the sublime, fantastical, absurd and mythical into metaphorical paraphernalia and found objects.  The artworks represent the everyday and are simplistic in form, where the reconfigured material is unrefined in its process. 

The art becomes a conversation of drawing lines and crossing lines, both physically and metaphysically, as he catalogues radical responses to past and present political upheavals.  His artworks consider strategies of movement, concealment, hideaways, origins, and secrecy.

"Duffy’s playful attitude to materials and situations counterbalances a very serious social conscience and political intent.  The themes of his work include post-colonialism, media, cultural appropriation, and social, individual and collective responsibilities." Alice Maher