"The State We're In", 2016

The State We're In


Mart Gallery, Rathmines, Dublin

Jo Killalea, Bryan Gerard Duffy and Conor O'Grady

100 years after the promise of universal equality within “our” Proclamation, why do economic, gender, social and political disparities still exist in contemporary Irish
society?  The State We’re In calls attention to issues affecting the modern social and political landscape in Ireland, through works by Mayo based artists Jo Killalea, Bryan Gerard Duffy and Conor O’Grady. 

Referencing stereotypical notions of Irish nationalism, recent political inconsistencies, and a sense of collective anomie, these artworks point towards the lack of any meaningful representation of a cultural identity or ideology, specifically in terms of the 1916 Centenary.

The work created by each artist, reflects a critically, satirically and politically aware commentary of the Irish State.  The main point of departure for the three artists
juxtapose the visual language evoked within twentieth century visual art movements such as Dadaism, and the commemorations of the events surrounding the Easter Rising.


What goes up must come down!  Infamous for his tongue pose, Albert Einstein’s final papers on General Relativity and thus, his findings on Gravity were published in 1916.  In the same year, Dadism rejects with “tongue and cheek” the events of World War I.  Whilst embracing these attributes, my work through the use of mixed media, video, performance and paraphernalia juxtaposes the General Election campaign of 2016 in their search to find the next Government.  Who truly represents the people in this headless state?  The recurring symbolism of the mouth image is formed on the premise “…to speak… is to starve”. Gilles Deleuze