"Seeker" (World's Largest Ball of Cellophane tape), 2017

"Seeker" (The World's Largest Ball of Cellophane Tape)

Claremorris Open Exhibition COE 2017

"Seeker", The World's Largest Ball of Cellophane Tape, St. Patrick's Day Parade 2015, Castlebar, Ireland

Otherwise known as "The World's Largest Ball of Cellophane Tape", Seeker began in response to a group discussion on the concealment and injustices of the Direct Provision system and the process of seeking asylum in Ireland. Transparency and invisibility are commonly used words associated with the DP system. 

Thus far, the Guinness Book of World Records has refused to respond to our many applications, or acknowledge Seekers status as officially the largest in the world.

At 1.8 metres in height, 4m circumference and over 90,000 metres in length (unravelled), the ball becomes a monument to its own failure but also the failure of our systems that are in place to protect migrants globally.  "Seeker" is a symbol of this global struggle for identity, as it continues to grow.  

Seeker was made in association with Mayo Intercultural Action and the Ballyhaunis community.