Yesterdays News, text on newspaper, 2014

El Paso Newspaper (27th February 2012), concrete block, acrylic paint, permanent marker

The man who saw no future, collected objects, 2014

Hennessy bottles, superglue


Spring, installation, 2014

Wooden clothes peg and paint

Poisoned Chalice, Installation, 2012

Contaminated Western Sahara water

Linenhall Arts Centre (IE)

Armegeddon, collected object, 2014

Elastic bands, frame, Megaddo stone

Untitled, 2014

Rusted nails, wooden pallet section

Hyde Bridge Gallery, Sligo (IE)

Bottled, drawing, 2014

wine bottle, cork, flag, drawing on paper, concrete block

Stapility, 2013

Varied Size, 80,000 staples, wire, chain

The Custom House Gallery (IE)

Line Drawing, installation, 2014

Hyde Bridge Gallery, Sligo (IE)

Cutting ties, installation, 2014

The Tooth Hurts, installation, 2012

Baby teeth, tic-tac box, wine glass

Linenhall Arts Centre, Castlebar (IE)

Evolution, sculpture, 2013

Wooden cloths pegs, builders line, wooden plinth



Photographs by Ger Duffy Photography and Bryan Gerard Duffy