How to put on a turban, 2016

Performance video

1.30 minutes


"To speak.. is to starve" 

performance Mayhem, Livestock, (trailer of performance)

Dysfunctional, 2016

Performance. 1.40 minutes

N.B. This video is temporarily unavailable, sorry for any inconvenience

Mouth Drawings, 2016

Sample performance Video

Finding the Perfect Match, 2016

Performance video, Westport Arts Festival

15.23 minutes

Please take my fathers seat, 2009

Video Documentary, 9.36 minutes

Shutter Speed, 2015

Installation at The MART Gallery Dublin (IE)

Sumud, Everyday Resistance (2016)

Short Documentary, 11 minutes

"Blacks in the Jacks", 2010

Performance, Parallax Off-Site, MK International Festival 2010

"Displaced", 2010

Performance Presentation, with Deo Matunda

MK Gallery, Parallax Off-Site, MK International Festival 2010

(image features Major of Milton Keynes)




"To speak... is to starve", 2015

Video, GMIT Canteen, GMIT (IE)

43 minutes